About Digital Guest Management (DGM)

Are your DGM tools fixed, or do you offer customization?

We have a wide range of standard DGM tools which can be viewed on our website. However, no two events are alike and some degree of customization, even within this standard list of services, is provided. That’s what separates our service from basic downloadable apps, as we ensure that the tools perfectly fit your event’s needs. If requested, we can also custom-build specially requested DGM tools that are not listed within our tool-kit.

How long does it take to set up DGM software?

This depends on the complexity of the execution. Ideally, we would prefer to have the final project plan one month before the event to begin programming, and even earlier if a preregistration website is required. However, we can facilitate rush requests. Any required guest information can be submitted closer to the event.

Can you build a DGM event app?

Yes. However, our experience has shown that getting guests to download an app can be challenging, and the associated costs don’t always match the benefits. We suggest using a customized website that hosts all the guest-specific DGM tools, and promoting the web link to the guests throughout your event. We will ensure that this website is mobile friendly to match the app experience.

Can I purchase the DGM software from IN Events?

IN Events offers its DGM as Software-as-a-Service (S-a-a-S). This means that we replicate a basic set of tools so as to offer on an as-needed basic at a much more affordable rate than selling outright. This also allows for an easily customized approach to each event, instead of having to redevelop software to fit the differing needs of each event.

What training is required for my staff to interface with DGM features? 

Almost anyone can manage our DGM deployments. They should just be able to navigate a basic web browser, and possess basic typing skills. Your focus should be on hiring outgoing individuals with people skills that can interact well with your guests. We also offer trained staff as part of our event support services.

Can DGM solutions work across multi-day or multi-venue events?

Yes. For multi-day events, all registration and activity data are stored and seamlessly integrated for the duration of the deployment. For multi-venue events, information is stored in the cloud and updated in real time across all venues.

Who owns the data collected via DGM?

The client has full rights to and ownership of the data collected and used via our DGM. IN Events is responsible for managing and reporting on the data, but treats all data collected with utmost confidentiality and discards after the event.

Is internet absolutely required to implement DGM tools?

For cost considerations and ease of deployment, we encourage clients to utilize internet connectivity at their event location. In this case, we simply send the event links and user instructions, and the DGM execution will be self-sufficient. In the event that connectivity is unavailable, we can support your event with our mobile hotspots, or create an offline, closed-loop network to facilitate your entire deployment.

How much does it cost to deploy IN Events’ DGM solutions?

Unlike some apps available online that offer a fixed product at a fixed price, IN Events understands that no two events are exactly alike, and deploys its tools on a best-fit basis. Once we understand the DGM solutions that are required and incorporate the eligible discounts (e.g. multi-feature discounts, small-event discounts, first-deployment discounts etc.), we will provide a final quotation for the event.

How do I get a quote from IN Events Caribbean?

You can visit our website and provide some details about your event through our questionnaire and contact form, or send an email or give us a call directly to discuss your event needs and we will submit a quotation for you within 24 hours.

I have a need for DGM tools for an extended period of time. Do you offer monthly/annual rates?

Yes. Our standard pricing is on a daily basis, but we also offer discounted weekly and monthly packages.


Event Support

What hardware and other support elements are generally required to deploy DGM solutions at an event?

Typically, for each DGM activity point at your event, you would require: a PC/laptop, a tag reader, an attendant, internet access, and a kiosk or table. For certain specialised features, a touchscreen device and a webcam may also be required.

Do you provide event staff?

IN Events can provide experienced and personable staff to support events in Trinidad and Tobago. For international events, we can provide training manuals and Skype sessions for staff, and based on the event needs, we can have some members of our technical team come to the country to provide onsite support as needed.

What are ‘tags’?

Tags include barcodes, QR codes, RFIDs, or other unique identifiers which are activated with specific attendee details and used for your various DGM event engagements.

How long does it take to produce the various types of tags?

On average we require 3 weeks for RFID tags, three days for barcoded tags, and QR codes can be produced on demand directly from our software and downloaded accordingly. Rush orders on RFIDs and barcodes are available.

Are tags reusable for multiple events?

Yes. All tags can be reused for multiple events. However, we recommend the use of RFID for these circumstances since they are by far the most durable of the tag types available.

Are tags waterproof?

RFID tags are waterproof, and QR codes can be presented directly from the user’s cell phone. Barcodes and printed QR codes tend to smudge or are damaged entirely when they come into contact with water.

What is RFID and how does it work?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification, and allows the transfer of data stored on an RFID tag to a computer system through the use of an RFID reader. No contact is required and the tags can even be read through solid objects from distances as far as six (6) centimetres. Once transferred to the computer system our DGM tools can work their magic.

What are the benefits of RFID technology?

While any of our available tags can be used to facilitate DGM solutions, RFID tags cannot be duplicated, they can be deactivated and replaced if lost or stolen, they are waterproof and extremely durable under almost any condition, and they come in multiple forms such as wristbands, plastic cards, stickers and key rings.


Before the Event

How long before an event will I be able to setup a preregistration website?

Our standard preregistration/RSVP website window is up to 2 months prior to the event. Longer periods can be negotiated.

How will I know the number of persons that have preregistered for my event?

As a standard offering with our preregistration/RSVP website, we also provide a link to a report that is updated in real-time with all new registration information submitted. These reports can be sorted, searched and downloaded as needed.

Can we integrate our internal preregistration activities with the DGM at the event?

Yes. You would need to let us know in advance to data sets you would be collecting, and submit the final database in Excel format at least 24-48 hours prior to the event. We will upload this to your DGM deployment for use with any features being executed.

How long before the event is the final guest information required?

The final database is required in Excel format at least 24-48 hours prior to the event, to guarantee a smooth integration into the DGM software. Submissions after this timeframe will incur a late submission charge.

How can attendee tags be distributed before the event?

If all attendee details are known prior to an event (e.g. employee event, client appreciation event, etc.), tags can be activated, packaged and delivered to your attendees with instructions to walk with them to the event for access and other benefits. However, if your event requires open preregistration or all guest elements are not known prior to the event, you may either: 1. Have a collection day/location before the event for all persons that are preregistered by a certain date, or 2. Have onsite collection point at the event venue in an area separate from the main entrance to avoid bottlenecks.

What support can you provide for event ticketing?

Our DGM ticketing solutions can support the procurement of paper or wristband tickets (barcode and RFID) and provide online ticketing options. Multiple ticket types can be accepted at the door, and our door service support includes: event branded kiosks, trained staff, PCs, readers and required connectivity. Our solution also facilitates ticket activation (to collect required attendee data), synchronizing of multiple gates (e.g. general, backstage & vendor), live attendance counters and time-stamped post event reporting.


On Arrival at the Event

Can we capture information for unregistered walk-in guests on the day of the event?

Yes. We can deploy onsite registration stations to capture on day walk ins and have them seamlessly included to your DGM database and activities.

Can we be notified when VIPs arrive at our event?

Yes. Once expected VIPs are indicated beforehand, the system can either display this status on screen at arrival for the ushers to be notified, a live dashboard can be updated, or an email can be sent to a point person(s) at the event.

Can information on attendees' guests be captured on entry?

While we recommend submitting guest allowances beforehand, in situations where this is not possible, we can capture the actual number of guests each attendee brings, and even their names if required. The attendance reports will be updated accordingly.

Can attendees be identified with regular barcoded tickets? 

Yes. Guests can be required to enter the unique barcode number printed on the tickets on your preregistration or onsite registration portals. Our DGM system will link this ticket to the user and provide the information in real time and in your post event reports.

How does onsite accreditation work?

With onsite accreditation, event badges can be printed and delivered to your attendees instantaneously at the event venue. The system can pull preregistration data for each guest or collect onsite registration data for walk-ins. A photograph of the guest is then captured and incorporated into a predesigned badge template which is printed and given to the guest. This entire process can take one to two minutes per guest.


During the Event

Can a count of attendees be provided at any given time during the event?

Yes, every DGM access control has a real time check in counter on-screen, and our live reports are searchable for unique guests currently in attendance.

What secure re-entry options are available using DGM?

We recommend our basic and photo re-entry systems. With our basic system, guests are required to check out of the event via the DGM system at a controlled exit point. When they re-enter, the system will indicate if they did in fact check out and are allowed to re-enter, or if there may be an issue of fraud. Photo re-entry augments this process by capturing a vivid facial image upon exit which is displayed upon re-entry for added verification.

Do you have DGM tools to manage the collection of tokens & meals?

Yes. Our DGM redemption/e-chit tool is designed to manage limited supply items to be distributed at your event. An RFID or barcoded tag is activated with the specific allotments of each unique guests. When scanned at the distribution point, the system will indicate which items have already been collected by the guests and which are still available for collection. This effectively eliminates ‘double-dipping’ and increases accountability and reporting at these distribution points.

Are there DGM solutions to encourage greater participation at our event’s activities?

Yes. Our gamification tools are designed to encourage participation at all your event’s activities by tracking user participation at each activity point, issuing participation points, and tying these into participation rewards and competitions at your event. These can be doubled with data capture elements to maximize the benefit to sponsors, exhibitors and other stakeholders of the event.

What types of live dashboards and forums are available using DGM?

A live dashboard is basically a customized display of DGM information collected at an event; while a live forum is a customized display of user generated content at an event.

Our popular live dashboards, include: 1. Our Awards Function dashboard which shows awardees that have checked into the event, broken down by award category, which ensure that the Ushers, backstage staff and MC are all operating with the same up-to-date information; and 2. Our Meet Up dashboard which allows guests to preset meetings and be notified along with event administrators when the parties have arrived and when and where their meeting is scheduled.

Our popular live forums include: 1. Our Peoples’ Choice dashboard which allows live voting and feedback for competitions and shows; and 2. Our Questions Forum which allows users to post questions for a panel that can be read by a moderator at an event for panel responses.

What are the benefits of the DGM lead generation tool to sponsors and exhibitors?

Our lead generation tools streamline the experience at tradeshows and other similar functions for both the exhibitors and the buyers/attendees. Basically, the buyer/attendee approaches the exhibitor booth and engages with the attendants as he normally would. However, instead of having to have business cards on hand or writing his information on a page, and being given cumbersome pamphlets and brochures; he can scan his activated tag at the booth and his unique data is added to an exhibitor report, and he is emailed all pertinent exhibitor information and brochures based on his interest.

What is the best method to implement surveys at a live event?

The incorporation of surveys at your live event depends on several factors including the nature and size of the event, the type of audience, the venue layout, and the information you are trying to capture. Our DGM survey tools is deployed on touch screen devices and can be self –service or attendant managed. We recommend implementation in one or more of the following ways: 1. Via mobile units moving through the venue, 2. Via a static survey zone, 3. Via exit surveys, and 4. Via post event surveys for events.

Can DGM solutions generate door prizes linked to the check-in report in real time?

Yes. We can randomize the list of currently checked in guests information and execute automatic prize draws based on requirements.


After the Event

What is the difference between raw reports and detailed analytics?

Based on the scope of your event, you may require complex analysis to be performed on the raw data collected by our systems at your event. Our in house experts perform will perform this analysis and provide you with comprehensive and professionally presented detailed analytics post your event.