On the 21st of July 2018...

The Tribe Family hosted its official band launch for 2019 at the Jean Pierre Complex, Port-of -Spain.  This event marked Tribe's 15th anniversary and was definitely an affair to remember. Soca star Machel Montano headlined the entertainment cast, and of course, the main event of the night was the display of the dazzling array of 2019's costume designs for Tribe, Harts, Bliss, Pure, The Lost Tribe and Rogue.


IN Events collaborated with Tribe to optimize the registration, ticketing and entrance/exit flows of more than 5000 persons. Prior to the event, IN Events designed a customized registration website for guests to activate their tickets by submitting basic demographic information. A unique code printed on each ticket was entered through the website and users received their activation confirmations via email. Barcoded and online tickets were issued to general guests, and festival wristbands embedded with RFID tags were issued to members of the committees and VIP guests.


Our check-in and access control software greatly streamlined the entry process by seamlessly scanning any of the multiple ticket types presented (barcoded tickets, RFID wristbands and online tickets) at all entrance points. The system also gathered real time data on the total number of guests in attendance, broken down by ticket type used.


Photo re-entry was utilized for those individuals and groups wanting to exit and reenter the event. Before leaving the venue, a facial picture was taken of the individual or group and associated to an RFID card which was given to the guest(s). Once the guest(s) returned to the event, they presented the card to one of our attendants at the main entrance for scanning to verify if the image that appeared on screen. This process took mere seconds to complete, and once verified, re-entry was allowed. This effectively prevented many of the re-entry scams usually associated with paper wristbands, ticket stubs, UV ink stamps and other commonly used re-entry methods. Moreover, it created an additional engagement avenue for guests who were intrigued by the entire process.