On the 30th of june 2018...

First Citizens celebrated its Family Day and Awards Function at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva.  It was the first time that First Citizens merged the two events into one and it promised to be an affair to remember. Also, in previous Family Day events, staff members were not allowed to bring guests. However, this year, employees’ family members were invited to be part of the experience and upwards of 4000 persons were expected to be in attendance.


The challenge was to accurately track attendance and effectively coordinate the entrance flows based on specific check-in requirements. Prior to the event, information was collected internally surrounding the names of employees and their family members that would be attending, the meal preferences for each, whether or not the employee was to receive an award, and any VIPs, executives or specially invited guests expected to be in attendance. This was uploaded to our system to be used in our DGM execution on event day.

Our mission was to capture the employee’s arrival and time, indicate which of their invited guests were present with them and which would be coming in later, determine the meal preferences for the guests and issue the relevant food chits, and direct awardees and VIPs to a special greeting area.


IIN Events Caribbean built a customized DGM platform to streamline this check-in process. All required information was immediately displayed on screen once the employee gave their name, and our attendants were able to select on-screen the family members that were present and check-in the others when they arrived later on. Each family member’s food preference was shown along with their names and the right food chits were delivered to each guest. Awardee and VIP statuses were shown and we worked with event’s ushers to ensure that these guests were given the treatment they deserved. All this was executed in under a minute for each employee and family member group arriving.


As it was the first time that the company combined these two events into one grand affair, they wanted to make sure that the attendees had a unique and warm experience. Thus, IN Events deployed interactive egress surveys with the objective of obtaining live feedback from the attendees while the experience was still fresh in their minds. Mobile devices were used, and the employees were able to touch the screen to select the answers they wanted. The feedback was stored in the cloud and was accessible to the client in real time and post the event.

The data gathered during the check-in process and the interactive surveys were used to create detailed final reports on the event. These reports provided valuable insight into the success of the event which can be used in planning of future events for the client.